No Full Control Install!

Gerry Tool gstool at
Fri Nov 7 20:00:51 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 13:24, Katherine Holcomb wrote:
> I second this; I have long used the "custom installation" and picked and
> chosen packages even when upgrading.  It is easier for me to remember
> that I wanted to add lapack or gsl or whatever, than to try to go back
> later and pick them up.
> Users who are overwhelmed by choice are probably not going to attempt a
> "custom" installation.

You still have the option of a custom installation while doing a fresh
install, and a good deal of individual package selection inside each of
the groups that are listed in the custom choice menu.

Asking anaconda to allow you further choices during an UPGRADE is not
reasonable when the result is an upgrade of just what you already have
chosen by use before and you then have the opportunity to add anything
you wish or remove the new version of whatever you have been using


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