No Full Control Install!

Gerry Tool gstool at
Fri Nov 7 20:31:59 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 14:07, Douglas Sievers wrote:
> Amen! I was actually looking forward to custom selecting packages, since I
> was doing a clean install on a new drive. My last install I was a newbie and
> learned just how much trash I should get rid of. Needless to say I was VERY
> disappointed with the install.
> Even though I chose to custom select packages and do my best, the installer
> took on a mind
> of its own, installing extra packages left unselected and ignoring packages
> that I DID want to install.
> Later, from the add/remove programs GUI, when I tried installing packages
> from disk, the GUI requests  "Fedora Core 1" disk 1 (or whatever).  After
> putting the CD in, the package update exits with an error. I think this is
> because the ISO's have "FC-1 i386" as the CD name, not "Fedora Core 1" as it
> should have been. I had to use yum for the new packages I wanted to install.
> What a headache!

Have you reported these problems to bugzilla?  That is the only way they
will get corrected.


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