adding new packages

Albert DE WINT adwint at
Fri Nov 7 21:42:40 UTC 2003

> > Why not use the "--isodir" switch on redhat-config-packages?  Look for the
> > docs in /usr/share/docs/redhat-config-packages-<version> (sorry, I only
> > have a RH9 machine here so I can't get the version number).
> I was wondering why nobody suggested this.
> If you do "redhat-config-packages --help", you will note that there are two 
> cli options "--isodir=PATH" and "--tree=PATH".  Using the --isodir option to 
> point to the directory where you have the iso files stored is a lot easier 
> than trying to figure out where a package is.

Thanks, I'll try it this way.  The 'mounting' procedure is rather
confusing to me.  I still haven't been able to install anything.  The
system keeps requesting for disc2, though I think I mounted all 3 of
> Unfortunately, you cannot use this for all packages with the current version 
> of redhat-config-packages so you may need to resort to mounting the 
> individual package.
> Alternatively, you can use up2date to download and install any package ... not 
> just update ones already installed.

I am aware about this option.  Unfortunately, I'm close to the limit of
my allowed bandwidth.  I guess I'll have to be patient for a few days.

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