Gene C. czar at
Fri Nov 7 21:48:56 UTC 2003

On Friday 07 November 2003 15:12, William Hooper wrote:
> Read the RHEL License again.  All it says is that if you have more
> machines with RHEL than entitlements, Red Hat has the right to cancel your
> support.  Period.
> The catch comes in because the reason to buy RHEL is for the support.  If
> it is important enough to need support for 5 years, it is important enough
> to pay for it.

IMNAL and I do not work for Red Hat.  However, it is MY understanding that you 
cannot use the binary rpms created by RedHat on systems other than licensed 
one.  However, you can take the SRPMS which Red Hat has made available for 
download (both original and errata), build binary rpms yourself and then use 
those binaries on unlicensed systems.

Now, I believe that there might be a few people willing to do the rebuilding 
but most commercial organizations will find that it is more cost effective to 
simply buy the service from Red Hat.

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