disk 3 problems?

Israel Zuñiga Caro israel.zuniga at qbien.com
Fri Nov 7 22:32:32 UTC 2003

All fine for me. Try download disk 3 again...


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Hello, I've downloaded the first three iso images of the fedora core
(yarrow[1-3]).  I burned the first two without problems.  The mediacheck
on the third disk is failing.  I've burned it four times, all with the
same incorrect md5sum. The md5sum of the iso image is correct
(6a26b34069639d0c31465d4079a8e1b2  yarrow-i386-disc3.iso) but for the
test, the md5sum shows 024e1b05827e0764c681815820a1ad1f.

Any ideads?  Are there issues with the third iso image?

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