Upgrade RHL8 to Fedora Core 1?

Mike Burger mburger at bubbanfriends.org
Fri Nov 7 17:16:26 UTC 2003

James Dishaw wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've been following this list for quite some time via the archives, but
> just signed up today.
> First of all, I'd like to commend Red Hat for all of its efforts in
> supporting us Linux users through the Fedora project and encouraging our
> input in the process.  I, like many others, was originally a bit
> disconcerted by Red Hat's original announcement of the abandonment of
> RHL and boxed sets.  I purchased and *LOVE* RH8 and RH9 but am now
> looking forward to receiving and installing the Fedora Core 1 CD's I
> ordered this morning (my 56k dialup connection makes downloading ISO's
> impractical at best).  Thank you Red Hat for your continuing support of
> open source software and users like me for whom your Enterprise line is
> not a good match.
> My intent is/was to install Fedora over an existing RH8 install... if
> this is advisable, once the CD's arrive.  Is this wise, or should I just
> do a "clean install" over my RH8 partitions.  My hope is to maintain my
> various settings and preferences, and to keep a fully functional RH9
> install in the event the Fedora installation is less than perfect.  
> I've seen lots of discussion of various methods of ugrading RH9 to
> Fedora, but none on upgrading RH8 to Fedora.  

FWIW, I just installed FC1 over a RHL7.2 system (upgrade) and it went 
just fine.
Mike Burger

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