edit start menu in Gnome?

Kevin Hanser Kevin at mica.net
Fri Nov 7 23:37:35 UTC 2003

You mean the icon that's used for the menu (the red hat)?

If that's what you mean, then I usually do it this way:

The file that's used for that menu is
/usr/share/icons/BlueCurve/48x48/apps/icon-panel-menu.png.  I usually
rename that to something else, and then create a symlink that links the
gnome foot icon, something like this:  

ln -s /usr/share/pixmap/gnome-main-menu.png icon-panel-menu.png (from
w/in the above directory, of course)

Then stop and restart X (or maybe just the panel?) and there's a gnome
foot for the menu now.

If that's not what you meant... Well then I guess I have no idea :)


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Subject: edit start menu in Gnome?

Is there an easy way to edit the Gnome start menu?  I can't find it, and
I know that there was not a way to do it in RH 8.0 or 9.0.
Ed Weinberg 

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