adding new packages

Ben Russo ben at
Fri Nov 7 23:45:13 UTC 2003

Douglas Sievers wrote:

>Actually, I downloaded the ISO's for the install, and it worked rather
>poorly. I chose to custom select packages, and the installer took on a mind
>of its own. Some of the packages I requested were not installed, while some
>that I did not request were installed.
>Later, from the add/remove programs GUI, when asking to install "Fedora Core
>1" disk 1 (or whatever), after putting the CD in, the package update exits
>with an error. I think this is because the ISO's have "FC-1 i386" as the CD
>name, not "Fedora Core 1" as it should have been. I just used yum for the
>new packages I wanted to install. It was much less of a headache.
>I'm kind of a newbie... where's the best place to report bad behavior like

However, before running over there with a loosely defined problem,
see if you can repeat the error on another system with a clear set of steps.

I have installed FC1 CD's on 3 systems so far and haven't seen these 
It's not that I doubt that you did see them, its just that I expect it 
to be a rare occurance
that must involve special circumstances.  If you could document how to 
re-create the
situation it would help to resolve it.


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