Installing Fedora on Dell X200 Update

Joseph Davila jdavila at
Fri Nov 7 21:18:03 UTC 2003

I did some more digging around and found this interesting message:

ignoring firewire device Unknown vendor|unknown device

I think this maybe the root of my issue installing FC1, is there any way
around this? Maybe by forcing it to load?


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Im trying to install the latest Fedora release on my Dell X200 laptop.
The unique thing about the laptop is that the media dock, where the
cdrom drive resides is bridged through a ieee1394 interface. When I
installed Red Hat 9, I had to select the ohci1394 module and then select
the sbp2 module which then allowed the install to continue. However, in
fedora the sbp2 module is the only one listed the ohci1394 is missing. I
checked the install logs in the alt-F3 screen( well, it was one of the
alt-F screens) and noticed that it did load an ieee1394 driver. This
leads me to believe that perhaps Fedora simple does not yet have support
for the laptop. Which is weird since Red Hat 9 did. Any tips or
suggestions to get Fedora installed?


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