problem upgrading RH9 to fedora core 1

Ernest L. Williams Jr. ernesto at
Sat Nov 8 18:12:04 UTC 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 11:11, shrek-m at wrote:
> >>>I have a fairly new RH9 install (which has run fine for about 4 weeks)
> >>>[...]I'm getting an error when it attempts to transfer the install image to
> >>>the hard drive. States "that you are probably out of disk space".
> >>>      
> >>>
> Hard Disk Space (NOTE: Additional space will be required for user data):
> "Custom Installation (Everything): 5.3GB"
> >>>System as a swap partition of 1Gb, monolithic 10Gb / partition with
> >>>4Gb free space, and a 200Mb /boot partition with 195Mb free.
> >>>[...]
> >>>both graphical and text install dies about 75% though copy of install
> >>>image.
> >>>
> indeed, every time i got this error i *was* "out of disk-space"
> afair you need a little bit more than the required disk-space *while* 
> installation/update

In my case, I have 1Gb for /boot
and 36 GB free on /

That should be plenty

> remove some packages eg. KDE or Gnome, Development, ...  and try it again
> # redhat-config-packages
> # rpm -qa | less
> # rpm -qa *devel*
> # rpm -e package_name
> >>The same has happened to me.  I also tried the update from Fedora core
> >>0.95 and go the same result. [blablabla]
> >>
> >It has been made clear many times that upgrades from beta test versions
> >to final realease are NOT supported.  In this case, if your 0.95 had
> >been up2date as of the day before release, it probably would have
> >upgraded OK, not guaranteed.
> >
> >Upgrades from RHL9 were thoroughly tested during the testing cycle. 
> >That doesn't mean there won't be problems for some installations.  You
> >do no one a favor by stating  "I guess the Fedora team was not
> >interested in making sure the upgrade option was working.  This is an
> >obvious thing that one should test."
> >
> >Good luck getting a "reasonable response" with that kind of rhetoric.
> >
Ernest L. Williams Jr. <ernesto at>

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