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Sat Nov 8 19:32:24 UTC 2003

On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 13:33:15 -0500, Jonathan C. Sitte wrote:

> Is working with Fedora or just creating rpms without even
> thinking about what we have all been talking about?

Wait a minute, please. There are no official packaging policies yet.
Don't confuse the Fedora Project with

You need to understand that "Fedora Linux" ( is the
project that merged with the "Red Hat Linux Project" (
into the "Fedora Project". It is hoped that the project as started at will be merged into and continued as Fedora Extras,
Fedora Alternatives, ... as outlined at
Those pages describe the relationship and project objectives
quite well.

> I am concerned
> because it seems like everyone is using it anyways...

It will stay like that for some time, because no known repository contains
everything. Fedora Extras does not exist yet and won't be able to contain
software which has legal issues.

> It is interesting
> how things are developing here. I am being very careful not to just
> start loading Fedora with 3rd Party rpms until I know that they are safe
> to use.

Read up on package submission and QA policies and decide
yourself whether you trust them.

> I HIGHLY recomend that posts a section
> for TRUSTED rpm repositories or the repositories themself have a
> specific icon that says Fedora Safe or something of that matter.

That's unlikely to happen ever for 3rd party repositories which don't have
any QA policies or open package review/approval process.

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