A really basic question

Lox Thomson lox at profitsource.us
Sat Nov 8 19:48:21 UTC 2003

So maybe I didn't see it, but I sure looked hard.  Help me out with this one.

I dloaded the ISOs and installed Fedora.  No problem.   But I couldn't select 
my packages one by one!

I chose a Graphical installation, picked Custom install, which states that I 
can choose my packages, got to the picking page, and enabled KDE and GNOME, 
no prob.  But I when I got to the bottom of the page, I expected to see a 
checkbox which I could enable to select individual packages.  That's not 
there.  Is there a graphical expert mode?  

Also, the monitor and video card selection was also ripped out.  What's up?

Do I just live with it?  

Help a brother out.


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