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Sat Nov 8 20:42:10 UTC 2003

On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Ben Russo wrote:

> >>Not true. The repository contains a couple of packages which override what
> >>is included within Red Hat Linux or Fedora Core.

> >Can you specify those packages? I'am not saying that is not true but 
> >there is usualy a reason for this.

> Your english is better than many native English speakers.  :-)

Thank you. :-D

> Install FC1 with the "Install Everything" option.
> After install, use YUM to make sure that your Fedora Core is all up2date.
> Go to and download the apt rpm.

> Now, try apt-get update
> apt-get upgrade.


OK, that is far too much for me, so you mean - GIMP for Fedora. :-)
AFAIR Mathias has decided to provide gimp-1.3 (unstable[?] developement 
version) in main repository. As for now, this version of gimp (1.3) was 
not included in main repository. It was only in testing/ directory for 
RHL9 and so on. Maybe it is a mistake, but keep in mind that FreshRPMS 
is not yet officialy (officialy due to FreshRPMS main site) Fedora repo. 
So it havent happened before in *official* repo, nor happened yet - 
since it is not yet official. :-) But it is not really serious issue, 
unles you need both GIMP's or only old/stable one (1.3 is far better for 
me) - in case you need older one, just pin it with apt and it'll be OK. 
Not a big deal for me.

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