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Sat Nov 8 21:07:15 UTC 2003

On Sat, Nov 08, 2003 at 02:41:04PM -0600, Marc Williams wrote:
> I *think* that ATrpms, Freshrpms, Dag, and a few others collude so as to
> make these sorts of conflicts unlikely.  In my case, I start out with
> apt-get from ATrpms - he has a GREAT starter package.  By following his
> detailed and clear instructions, I wind up with Synaptic, a GUI upgrade
> tool that doesn't pose any conflicts.  At least none that I've seen. 
> While the ATrpms configured Synaptic is pretty much point and shoot, you
> still have some awareness of possible module conflicts.
> For me, a Synaptic configured by ATrpms loaded with several good
> repositories works great.

Thanks. The real kudos go to the several repo maintainers that do
cooperate on this matter. apt/synaptic from ATrpms simply activates
access to those repositories.

For FC1 there are currently only three repos providing FC1 packages,
so conflict probability is very low. In fact I have all three repos'
contents fully installed on my machine :)
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