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Sun Nov 9 04:20:28 UTC 2003

At 21:50 11/8/2003, you wrote:
>Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
>>At 20:57 11/8/2003, you wrote:
>>>I've heard much of the excess size is because of all the langages that
>>>have to be supported, if this is true, I wonder if they should really be
>>>stripped out?
>>Not if you speak any of those languages, or if you care about the several 
>>billion people on Earth who speak those languages.
>>Come on, Justin, think...
>Why not make localized ISO's, one local ISO for each of the distribution 
>mirror plus a "generic" distribution with English as the language used. 
>That way, no one is left out and the distribution gets smaller :)

Remember that someone commented that "they had heard" this could be the 
cause. We do not know that for sure. I am slightly skeptical of that cause 
since RHL8.0 offered lots of languages but the min install was 150MB and 
RHL9 suddenly climbed up to 500MB. The languages were not added then, I'm 
sure. However, I am not ruling out that language issues could somehow be 

My point to Justin was merely that his comment sounded parochial, "ugly 
American", and callous to the rest of us. Thankfully, I speak four 
languages... but a great deal of my friends, coworkers, and compatriots who 
help sysadmin a bunch of Linux boxen are stuck with only Spanish and 
grateful that the support for non-English speakers is as good as it is. 
"Stripping out" all other languages is, I hope to God, simply not an option.

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