Can install Severn, but not YARROW!

Giandomenico De Tullio ghisha at
Sun Nov 9 10:32:55 UTC 2003

On 2003.11.09 07:28, ERIC KLINGER wrote:

> "Transferring install image to the hard drive"
> Once it finishes, I get this pop up...
> "An error occurred transferring the install image to your hard drive.   
> You are probably out of disk space."
> Well, I can't see that being possible since I am installing this on a  
> 15GB partition for '/' and a 5GB partition for '/home'.
> Any ideas?????????????

switch to console (CTRL+ALT+F2 => shell),
chroot /mnt/sysimage
check diskspace (df)
after then .. exit
reswitch to "gui"  and retry

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