VMWare and FC1

MJang michael at ywow.org
Sun Nov 9 16:55:45 UTC 2003


Has anyone else noticed how Fedora core 1 burps a bit with the GUI on VMWare?

>From what I can tell, it's Anaconda that burps when configuring XF86Config. I changed it back to a working configuration (from
Fedora 0.94 on VMWare), and the GUI starts fine. The discrepancy is under the "Screen" Section, with the DefaultDepth.

I don't see any relevant bugs in bugzilla.fedora.us or bugzilla.redhat.com. I'll file a bug shortly - unless there's already an
update (I realize Fedora folks might rather I file it upstream - however, I think at least an info entry in bugzilla would help

Mike Jang

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