change rpm sources

Gene C. czar at
Sun Nov 9 17:42:02 UTC 2003

On Sunday 09 November 2003 09:13, Norbert Fabritius wrote:
> Thanks for the quick help, but...
> adding the local isos to up2date works, but this program only cares for
> packages already installed. I want to use my isos with
> "redhat-config-packages" to have an easy way of installing _new_ packages.
> So, my question is, where can I tell "redhat-config-packages" not to
> search for my physical cds, but for my local packages in /mnt/iso1/
> /mnt/iso2/ ...

Actually, there is a command line option "--show-package-dialog" which is 
supposed to display all available packages (not just one needing update).  
Currently, there is a bug 
( where it only 
works if there is something that needs to be updated.

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