From RH9 to Fedora

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Sun Nov 9 18:15:48 UTC 2003

Hi list.

Scenario:quite new laptop (pIV, 512 Mgb, ...). Quite minimal RH9 installation
(blackbox wm, no kde/gnome, very few services running, ...). Typical use:
browsing, e-mail, some compiling, some office (OO1.1), plus quite a lot
of networking and security stuff (VMWare with frrebsd+windows + a few compiled
I am very attracted but quite doubtful about installing FC1. Pros are:
- I like new things ;)
- I am not planning to buy RHWS in the future, so ... one step forward now
 would be good.
- mhm, changes always bring some risk :)

Now the question: I need some opinions on other pros, and of course cons,
about switching from my current setup to FC1.

TIA to all.

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