Webcam and SBLive "conflict"?

Ulrich Drepper drepper at
Sun Nov 9 22:36:38 UTC 2003

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Rick Johnson wrote:
> Anyone else out there experience problems with webcams and soundcards?
> I've got Fedora Core 1 installed on a machine with an SB Live! card and
> a Logitech QuickCam 4000. Because the camera also has a sound device
> (microphone), Fedora is "seeing" this as a sound device. It also appears
> that esd is using this device by default. A dmesg listing shows that any
> sound attempts are timing out:
> usbaudio: dma timed out??

I haven't seen this error message so you might have additional problem,
but the rest of the description is close to my case.

What you can do is to for esd to use /dev/dsp1.  Add

  -d /dev/dsp1

to the end of the spawn_options line in /etc/esd.conf.  In the
Gnomemeeting configuration you'll have to do the same.  Select the
microphone from the web cam and dsp1 for output.  Works nicely for me.

I've filed a bug for redhat-config-soundcard to provide the option to
try the different output devices (bz #106748).

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