yarrow-i386-disk3.iso on limestone.uoregon.edu is bad

Chuck Wolber chuckw at quantumlinux.com
Mon Nov 10 02:19:24 UTC 2003

> > I downloaded yarrow-i386-disk3.iso from
> > ftp://limestone.uoregon.edu/fedora, which is listed at
> > http://fedora.redhat.com as a mirror site.  The MD5 sum on this file
> > did not match the one listed at fedora.redhat.com.  I downloaded
> > twice, just to make sure.  I also tried another mirror site and the
> > MD5sum checked out.
> Were you sucessful with the other two images? I take it you were
> sucessful with the file MD5SUMs.

I second that. I was able to get the first two CDs from limestone, but had
to go elsewhere for the last one. The limestone server seemed to be the
least loaded down, probably because everyone else figured out that the 
third CD was bad and went elsewhere... Hmmm, sounds like an interesting 
way to free up some bandwidth on a mirror server 8)


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