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Mon Nov 10 03:51:17 UTC 2003

For now filter on the To: and CC: fields.. anything matching 
fedora-list at can be moved into it's own folder..

Linux Warcry

Fotios Nastos wrote:

> Can I request that the mailing list administrators set-up the mailing list so 
> that emails are sent with something like "[fedora]" prepended to the subject 
> line?
> I know, that I sound like I am whining (I guess I am), and that some people 
> use email programs that automatically filter incoming mail, but I suspect 
> that this is a high-volume list, and it would really help some list-members.
> The other mailing lists I'm subscribed to prepend their subject lines with 
> [mailing-list name] and it makes it much easier to get a handle on my inbox 
> in the mornings.
> Thank You
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