Computer Hangs at GRUB

Sean Harding scool at
Mon Nov 10 06:26:07 UTC 2003

Well I think the hard drive thing is what was messing it up, I had the hard
drives on auto detect but I went into the bios anyways and hit the HDD Auto
Detect again and now it works, thanks for the help

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Sean Harding wrote:

> Hi group:
> I just installed FC1 on my spare computer hoping to use it as a web 
> server, the install went fine, in fact I've installed successfully 
> before on the same computer, but I swapped a Hard Drive, reinstalled 
> and now the computer hangs on the grub loading, it doesn't load up 
> grub it just hangs on GRUB after it tries to boot off CD. Anyone have 
> any suggestions as to how I might be able to fix the problem?
> Thanks
Is the disk geometry correct in BIOS? Linux ignores the BIOS (IIRC) and 
makes it's own disk geometry tables. You could have successfully 
installed with incorrect settings but I think GRUB uses the BIOS to 
determine disk layout and so will now be looking at a different area on 

Do you get a "Loading stage whatever" type error?

You say you swapped a hard drive out. Was there more than one hard drive 
in the system?

Did you install GRUB to the /dev/hda or /dev/hda1?

Do you get an operating system not found type error or a total or 
semi-lockup with no text on screen?

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