gDesklets on Fedora

Janus N. Tøndering janus at
Mon Nov 10 07:50:59 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 07:23, Lewt @ Linux Warcry wrote:
> Has anyone had success with gDesklets .23 or .24?  After resolving all 
> the dependencies it just gives me the menu that it's running for the 
> first time and click okay.  It also did not appear in the menu's 
> anywhere.  When I install a sensor it says gDesklets can use it but it 
> still will not load.
I haven't had any problems. 0.23 is running currently. 
Maybe you should try to clean up after the sensor/view installations and
reinstall them. gDesklets have a tendency to be very picky about them
and reinstalling them sometimes work.

Janus N. Tøndering <janus at>

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