just blew up my 17" monitor

Mike A. Harris mharris at redhat.com
Mon Nov 10 08:24:35 UTC 2003

On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Andy Green wrote:

>As I understand it the 'blooming' merely means that the LCD transistors are no 
>longer being driven.  FYI I see this whenever my LCD is powered off by DPMS, 
>it turns off the backlight first, but if I hold my LCD at the right angle to 
>the ambient light I see the decay of the charge that held the LCD pixels at a 
>particular colour over the next few seconds.  It is not harmful, and I don't 
>believe whatever failure mode the old CRT monitors suffered from exists any 
>more in an LCD monitor.
>I'm also of a mind that the "your CRT will blow up if incorrectly driven" 
>thing is more urban myth than fact, although I'm sure there are pathological 
>cases in ancient history.  If anyone has any direct experience with trouble 
>from "overclocking" your CRT or LCD monitor it'd be interesting to hear it.

Would you be willing to subject your CRT to an experimental video
driver?  I can whip up a video driver guaranteed to let the smoke
out of your monitor for proof of concept, assuming your monitor 
has no built in protection.  You'd be doing the experiment at 
your own risk of course, although it would remove the "urban 
myth" factor for you at least.  ;o)

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