Upgrade from RH - 9 issues...

Arindam Dey adey at komnas.com
Mon Nov 10 09:15:05 UTC 2003

Hi all,

There has already been lots off discussion on the issue mentioned in the
subject but the invariable conclusion has been that everything goes
smoothly in the end.

Having read numerous of those mails I went ahead and upgraded. Lo and
behold I have a spanking new system with everything upgraded. Mind you
everything "upgraded" new things like yum etc have NOT been installed.

The "Add or remove packages" does not list yum etc..This may also result
in the problem with this package for which I believe there is already an
update available on Jeremy Katz page. I am consistently writing etc
since yum is the obvious thing which has not been installed I am still
trying to figure out what else is missing.

Is this how upgrade is meant to behave ?? I mean is upgrade only
supposed to upgrade the packages already present and miss out the new
and very important packages like yum in this case ???

Somebody please clarify on this.


Arindam Dey

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