rpm/fedora.us gpg key problem

Piotr Kowalczyk pikov at piasta.pl
Mon Nov 10 09:52:04 UTC 2003

Same problem as here:

I'd like to gpg check Fedora STABLE packages, but whenever i import (rpm
--import) key, which they are signed with, it appeas in rpm database with
another Id.

Real key id is 8df56d05, and this key in rpm base appears as:

As you can see rpm sais it's id is 54a2acf1.

island root # LANG=en gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 8df56d05
gpg: key 8DF56D05: "Fedora Linux (RPMS) <security at fedora.us>" not changed
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:              unchanged: 1
island root # gpg --export --armor 8df56d05 > sec.asc
island root # rpm --import sec.asc
island root # rpm -qa | grep 8df56d05
island root # < EMPTY HERE >
island root # rpm -iq gpg-pubkey-54a2acf1-3e828ae5
Name        : gpg-pubkey                   Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version     : 54a2acf1                          Vendor: (none)
Release     : 3e828ae5                      Build Date: pon 10 lis 2003
10:48:52 CET
Install Date: pon 10 lis 2003 10:48:52 CET      Build Host: localhost
Group       : Public Keys                   Source RPM: (none)
Size        : 0                                License: pubkey
Signature   : (none)
Summary     : gpg(Fedora Linux (RPMS) <security at fedora.us>)
Description :
Version: rpm-4.2.1 (beecrypt-3.0.0)


rpm -qa | grep 8df56d05
Any ideas?
sorry for bad english (;

Piotr Kowalczyk
pikov at piasta.pl

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