some questions

koolinus koolinus at
Mon Nov 10 13:52:53 UTC 2003

saturday I've see && downloaded the yarrow ISOs. Burned & installed them 
and everything went fine and smooth.
But i do have some "unlike":

- i think that the accepting GPL pages has to go on top of everything (or 
better, just after having choosen the language);
- why one cannot choose ReiserFS or whatever supported FS during 
installation? I used to prefer Reiser on my workstation (never used a pc 
like server); and after I don't know how to change it.
- little "bug", the firewall configuration page during install was in 
english, while ALL the other where shown in italian;
- there's no LILO on boot loader config, why ? we had space on 3 cds;
- why can't give the possibility to mount NFTS partition in RO mode ???
- then finally I think that Mandrake move to put ads on the installation 
"slides" and in the "preferites" on web browsers is a good move to take 
money from sponsors.

   just my 2 cents

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