aspell-it installation

Leonardo Lacchini leonardo.lacchini at
Mon Nov 10 14:47:08 UTC 2003

i don't see aspell-it in fedora, i read somethink about problem with
but aspell-it-0.50.x is develop by gnu, and it is under GPL,
i don't understand why it is not included

i found a redhat version of aspell-it in rawhide and enterprise version of
aspell-it-0.1-16 and -17, i think the license problem is with this RH

but what is the different between this two version?

i need aspell_it!
so what is the best solution for me?
- compile from source gnu version aspell_it-0.50.x
- compile from RPMS aspell-it-0.1-17

anyone has tried one or both version of aspell-it?



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