Fedora Core 1 + KDE unstable?

Ogden, Aaron A. aogden at unocal.com
Mon Nov 10 15:44:26 UTC 2003

hardware: Nvidia NForce2 + AMD Athlon XP 2400 + 1024MB DDR memory
software: Fedora Core 1, 'workstation' config plus KDE and software
development packages; nvidia drivers for nforce2 and geforce3 installed.

First the good... I like the new startup screen, it's very professional
looking and it hides the scary boot messages from PHBs and newbies.
Reminds me of Windows or MacOS boot sequence which is not such a bad
thing.  The desktop looks almost exactly like RH9 which is not such a
bad thing either.  Unfortunately, FC1 is completely unstable on my
system, simple operations like cutting and pasting files between two
folders lock up the system.  In another instance the system locked up
during mouse-over of the 'find files' item on the KDE menu.  In all
cases the system is locked up hard and normal escape routes
(Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, etc.) have no effect.  So after
three hard crashes in ten minutes I'm thinking that FC1 + KDE is
completely unstable and maybe I should try using GNOME instead.  Okay, I
switch my desktop to GNOME, and I pull up the file manager to continue
what I was doing before the crash.  But the file manager (the 'start
here' icon on the desktop) is actually Konqueror, and as soon as I try
to cut-n-paste some files from one place to another the system locks up
again.  Apparently when you install KDE and GNOME together it uses  some
KDE stuff (e.g. Konqueror) within GNOME and vice versa.  Has anyone else
seen this problem?  I have three theories to explain this behavior, if
someone can confirm or elaborate please do so.

1) Fedora Core 1 + KDE has serious problems.
2) Fedora kernel 2.4.22-nptl.2116 (or whatever) has serious problems
3) Nvidia Nforce2 drivers are defective

p.s. before anyone starts talking about 'hardware problems', Win2k SP4
is rock stable on this machine, or as stable as Windows ever gets.  No

thanks in advance,

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