A good GUI editor for music

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Nov 10 16:12:55 UTC 2003

Paul D. Eden writes:
> From: "Paul D. Eden" <peden at americanphysicians.net>
> Does anyone know of a good GUI editor for music that runs in fedora?
> We would like to write some songs in a GUI and be able to print them.

You need to discover Planet CCRMA at Stanford University:


>From the Planet CCRMA at Home page:

   "Planet CCRMA (CCRMA is pronounced ``karma'') at Home is a collection
   of rpms ([5]RPM stands for RedHat Package Manager) that you can add
   to a computer
      running RedHat 7.3, 8.0 or 9 to transform it into an audio
      workstation with a low-latency kernel, current ALSA audio drivers
      and a nice set of music,
         midi, audio and video applications. It replicates most of the
	 Linux environment we have been using for years here at CCRMA
	 for our daily work in audio
	    and computer music production and research. Planet CCRMA is
	    easy to install and maintain, it can be installed and
	    upgraded over the network from the
	       Planet CCRMA apt repository or its mirrors, or from
	       cdroms you can download from this site."

Planet CCRMA rpms for Fedora Core 1.0 are now in preparation.

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> Thank You,
> Paul D. Eden
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