Fedora Core 1 + KDE unstable?

Q raid517 at fairadsl.co.uk
Mon Nov 10 16:35:33 UTC 2003

Do you have sound support enabled in your kernel? If so can you disable it
for me and tell me what happens?

Also could you tell me what the make and model of your motherboard and
processor are?

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> On November 10, 2003 10:44 am, Ogden, Aaron A. wrote:
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> > bad thing either.  Unfortunately, FC1 is completely unstable on my
> > system, simple operations like cutting and pasting files between two
> > folders lock up the system.  In another instance the system locked up
> > during mouse-over of the 'find files' item on the KDE menu.  In all
> > cases the system is locked up hard and normal escape routes
> > (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, etc.) have no effect.  So after
> > three hard crashes in ten minutes I'm thinking that FC1 + KDE is
> > completely unstable and maybe I should try using GNOME instead.  Okay, I
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> > 1) Fedora Core 1 + KDE has serious problems.
> > 2) Fedora kernel 2.4.22-nptl.2116 (or whatever) has serious problems
> > 3) Nvidia Nforce2 drivers are defective
> This could be related:  Using redhat 7.3 (fully up2dated) with kernel
> and KDE causes my system to lock-up in the same manner.  It can be as soon
> a few minutes after a reboot.  It happens by just by doing simple tasks,
> I can't see how to make it repeatable.  Only seems to happen in KDE apps,
> only started happenning after I upgraded to 2.4.20.  I reverted back to
> 2.4.18 and everything is stable again.  I'm not sure if it's a hardware
> problem or not.  I haven't run a proper memcheck in about a year, but last
> time I did everything checked out.
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