Ethereal and other Security Questions

The Matt thompsma at
Mon Nov 10 18:25:11 UTC 2003

I know this is an official FAQ, but I've been wondering about it and
wanted some specific answers.  After getting the ethereal RHSA just now,
I wondered Fedora Core vulnerable?  How about the recent CUPS
and coreutils RHSAs?  When I mentioned it on fedora-test a while back, I
was informed that it was:

your problem.
the current beta was/is only beta/test

Fair enough, it was a test release, I accept that.  Now Fedora Core is
at Release Level 1 and hopefully considered a full release and not a
test.  So, I ask again, what is the security/bug procedure of Fedora
Core?  Is there a "FCSA" list out there that mimics RHSA that I can
subscribe to?  I'd like to remove RHSA at some point unless it starts to
cover FC1.

Should I grab the Red Hat 9 packages to shore up these security holes if
the FC1 packages don't cover them (e.g., get ethereal*.0.9.16 until an
FC1 release appears)?


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