Nvidia / XFree86-Mesa-libGL

Sean Hogston sean at hogston.net
Mon Nov 10 18:43:53 UTC 2003

I did this and got the nvidia driver to run, but now apt is having a fit
because all the things the depended on GL are listed as broken. When i
try to tell it to fix it apt tries to remove all those packages.

Am I missing something here?

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 13:13, Aurelien GROSDIDIER wrote:
>  > do you mean "rpm -e --nodeps  XFree86-Mesa-libGL" ?
>  > it works fine here
>  > Foao
> when XFree86-Mesa-libGL is removed, everything seems to work. but i 
> thinks it's strange to have to ignore deps to be able to use nvidia's 
> driver: for many installations, this might be a clear step toward 
> entropy: what about programs requiring libGL.so to install ? should i 
> use --nodeps too ?
> So, my question was not about sth which doesn't work, but about the 
> "cleanest way" to use hardware acceleration. Answer anybody ?
> Aurel
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