Bad mirror of Yarrow-SRPMS-disc2 ?

don don at
Mon Nov 10 19:12:53 UTC 2003

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this or not, but what
the hell :)

Having grabbed the iso's from (at a very nice, consistent
140Kbs+ btw), I've noticed that the yarrow-SRPMS-disc2 iso has a bad MD5
Checksum.  Have grabbed it 3 times, same result 3 times.  The filesize on
their site lists it as the same EXACT size as SRPMS-disc3, which I'm
guessing is indiciative of a bad mirror ?

Anyway - should someone let them know ?  Not sure how to do so, being an
obvious Newb, but thought someone should know.

Apologies all around if off topic/stupid/or some other problem.

Don Rieck
don @ the

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