How do you get SMB to share from fedora?

Nix, Robert P. Nix.Robert at
Mon Nov 10 20:07:17 UTC 2003

I tried this, and it looks like you can set up specific shares there, but it doesn't seem to allow you to set up or control homes or printers.

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> Once upon a time at band camp Sat, 8 Nov 2003 12:32 am, Jeremy Petzold wrote:
> > I have OS X on my mac and I installed fedora on my PC laptop. my Mac
> > has an SMB share which I can see aromatically on my laptop (cool :-)  )
> > but I need to make it possible to use Samba to share on my laptop so I
> > can see it from my Mac. I looked and I do not see a shares
> > configuration utility. did I miss it or is there not one?
> >
> > if there is not one could some one tell me how I need to configure
> > Samba on my laptop to get it to register with the Mac as a server?
> redhat-config-samba 
> will allow you to setup your shares
> Dennis

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