Network install, http - booted from CD1

David zer0 at
Mon Nov 10 21:57:36 UTC 2003


I'd like to be able to do an HTTP install but I'm not having any luck. 
CD1 gives the option to boot with "linux askmethod".  I load up with
that and specify HTTP install.  It loads up the network drivers, asks
for the URL for the packages, then detects local media and goes about
it's CD based GUI install.  It seems to ignore the fact that I wanted to
do an HTTP based install....

Is there something obvious I'm missing?  The reason I'd like to do a
network install even though I have all 3 cd's is that I have a machine
with a slightly bad drive and it can't read much past a 3rd of the way
through any CD!!

Thanks for any help,


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