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Tue Nov 11 02:22:59 UTC 2003

So, at our company, part of the installation/kickstart is to prompt the 
installer for the serial number of a system, and for some timezone 
information.  With RHL, we've done this prompting in rc.local, which 
would wait indefinitely until the installer inputted the information.  
Once inputted, then the login screen, be it text or gui, would present 

However, with FC1 I am not seeing this happen.  First off, RHGB would 
sortof show for a quick second the prompt for information, but would 
then exit immediately and show the gui login screen.  The status of the 
script is very unknown.  So I thought I would script around rhgb, and 
disable it for the first boot, by putting a # before the "rhgb" in 
grub.conf.  Well, when ever I do this, I get the text console output up 
until enabling firewire (OHCI).  From that point on, there is no more 
output to the screen, but I can see the harddisk keep going.  
Eventually the login screen would present itself.  This duplicates with 
run level 5, and 3.  Again, I am unable to even SEE my script run, let 
alone get user input into it.

What has changed so that rc.local is no longer a blocker, and can keep 
the system from continuing when input is needed?  This seems _very_ 
broken to me, and I'd really like to find a way to fix this.  Is this a 
bugable item?

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