Update from RH8

roberto pallucchini r.pallucchini at palluk.ig3.net
Tue Nov 11 09:53:12 UTC 2003

hi Antonio
1 Check and report more information about these errors.
now, for squid i mean few config keys is changed from the 2 version,
check the message log and see what key make the error.
2 Are you sure that nic are configurated and active? what kind of nic do
you have?
try with ifconfig and see if it listed and check with lsmod if the
modules is up.
3 tell me more

for the nic i have some problem with 3c905b, it work correctly only if i
fix ip but with dhcp i have to restart the nic by hand


Il mar, 2003-11-11 alle 10:41, Antonio Montagnani ha scritto:
> I made an update a few minutes ago on my router and I get the following 
> problems:
> 1) Squid cannot start
> 2) I can't ping to other machines of the network
> 3) I I can't disactivate my ADSL interface. (not from Network control 
> window..at least)
> Any hint???
> Antonio
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