network profiles in FC1

Harry Putnam reader at
Tue Nov 11 13:23:39 UTC 2003

Jack Bowling <jbinpg at> writes:

> After a couple of goes at this to figure it out, I am glad to report
> that one can ignore the Help page where it says this does not work at
> boot and instead set it up as Jesse states above. It works perfectly. My
> main problem was doing the proper incantations with the GUI interface to
> redhat-config-network. Once you realize that after creating a new
> profile you are *in* the new profile, it all became clear. Now I can
> create as many network profiles as I like and boot into them when
> needed. Very useful for a road warrior such as myself. I suppose the
> docs for r-c-n need updated... 

Maybe you know what function the columns on `Route' tab of
redhat-config-network do?
They appear to be clickable but apparently do nothing
Destination Network     Prefix (Netmask)  Gateway

And what role does the checkbox under column Profile on main interface

Maybe I'm especially dull this morning, but wondered if you mind
laying down the steps involved in what you quoted.

In particular this part has me somewhat mystified:
> So in grub, on the kernel line, just add that.  Duplicate the line and 
> change the profile name for another kernel choice.

Add `netprofile=profilename' is clear but the duplicating and
changing is confusing.

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