impossible to uninstall software!!!!

Leonardo Lacchini leonardo.lacchini at
Tue Nov 11 13:43:00 UTC 2003

i do the full installation, after two days of test i want to uninstall some
software that i don't use:
- some games
- some utility (for many job there is two or more software that do the same,
so i want only one)
- ecc...

i try to use the redhat package manager but after i deselected the software
and then press ok,
the manager return an error: the file not exist for some program, for other
return ok, but the package isn't uninstalled

so i installed kdepackage from kdeadmin (i recompile src.rpm from fedora
srpm) and try
to unistall from here, but after i press the button uninstall nothing

any idea?
anyone has tried to unistall software with tool?

the only method is command line RPM?



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