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Tue Nov 11 16:12:41 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 09:49, kdavid at wrote:
> hi everyone,
> i'm seeking advice on the easiest method to install yarrow-fedora. can i install it overtop of rh9? will it be nice and leave my other os's alone? as i stated i am relatively new to linux and quite honestly not that good with it and am reluctant to try this new version as it sounds like everyone is having serious issues getting things to work. 
> or is there a more user friendly linux that i could try instead

I installed Fedora core on my toshiba laptop running redhat 9.  I had
two problems that were caused by my wanting to stay on the bleeding edge
so two packages (openssh 3.7.1p2 & wlan-ng) needed more attention than
normal.  If you are running a stock RH9, then I would say that your
experience will be excellent.  I had fewer problems upgrading RH9 to
Fedora, than I had upgrading RH8 to RH9.  RH7 to RH8 was a &*(^$#$#

My configuration files were not affected.  When I run fedora, it looks
just like RH9. Oh sure, the icons have changed a tiny bit, but the
menus, background picture, look and feel are the same.

Read the release notes.  Stay away from the monkey (ximian packages).

Also, I've found the responses to questions on this list to be quick and

Good luck.
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