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Hurley, Michael MHurley at law.uconn.edu
Tue Nov 11 19:28:36 UTC 2003

Sorry--you may be right. I'm getting confused with my distros. RH9 still has
noapic option. Irrelevant to this case anyway, I think.

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using a 440GX hardware?  I have same issues.....

I thought the "noapic" option was removed from FC1 ?!?

Hurley, Michael wrote:

> Try passing "linux noapic" to the boot prompt.
> -Mike
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>     Folks,
>     At the risk of asking a question you're all sick of hearing
>     (though I have searched the fedora-list archives)...
>     During the install process my SMP system hangs when loading the
>     aic7xxx driver -- after several hours it does move on, but just
>     doesn't see drives.
>     This reminded me of the problem with RHL 7.x and 8.0, where you
>     had to get a separate boot floppy image and boot with "linux
>     noapic" or "linux apic" (I'm forgetting which)...
>     Is a similar solution available for Fedora Core 1, or is there
>     something else I can do?
>     Thanks!
>     S.
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