FC1 upgrade on Thinkpad R30 fails

Tom Wood woodt at woodintl.com
Wed Nov 12 03:33:47 UTC 2003


Tried today to upgrade a Thinkpad R30 to FC1. This machine has to date
upgraded without a hitch from Valhalla through Shrike.  Now, when the
package install starts, the "setup-2.5.something" RPM, which is the
first one it attempts to load, fails, stating that either the media is
bad, the destination disk is out of space, or there's a hardware fault. 
I believe none of the above is the cause.  I've upgraded the BIOS to the
latest and greatest (about 10 months old now), but still have no luck. 
I've tried turning on CD DMA (forgot the boot command line switch for
this) and ide=nodma, and both give the same results?  The
<crtl><alt><F3> virtual console gives no indication of the failure's


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