Fedora CORE 1 gets stuck on DISK 3 (hangs on =?iso-8859-1?q?installing=09ypserv-2=2E8=2E3?=)

Elton Woo elwoo at videotron.ca
Wed Nov 12 04:43:27 UTC 2003

On November 11, 2003 11:32 pm, Ernest L. Williams Jr. "Ernest L. Williams Jr." 
<ernesto at ornl.gov> wrote:
> Hi
> After burning new CDs of Fedora CORE 1 at speed=4;  upgrades from RH 9.0
> and Fedora beta 3 went well.
> However, I tried a fresh install on both a DELL Precision workstation
> and a DELL laptop with no success.  Both failed on ISO DISK 3 when
> trying to install "ypserv-2.8.3"

... just wondering: after downloading the ISO images, did you verify them
against the md5sums? If they checked out OK, and the burn was successful, 
did you check the *media* during install? As redundant as this step might
seem to you, it just might save you a lot of unnecessary aggravation.

IMVHO, if either the md5sums or the media check failed, you would be
wise to NOT try installing ... until *both* were successful.


Elton ;-)

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