problems running Acrobat Reader 5

Mirko Streckenbach strecken at
Wed Nov 12 08:43:53 UTC 2003


Has anybody gotten Acrobat Reader 5.08 to work? It crashes
here on several occasions:

1. Crashes with "Abort" on splash screen and about box (fixable by
setting the locales to non-utf8 variants)

2. Hangs oder crashes when opening a document, pressing ctrl-f,
entering a search term which is not in the document, after closing
the dialog where is says "not found".

The first bug of course is easily handled by modifying the startup
script, but the second bug is really annoying and makes the problem
practically unusable.

I've tried setting LD_ASSUME_KERNEL to the various values and running
it with libraries from RedHat 7.1 where the same binary works fine but
none of this helped.

Acrobat Reader 4.05 does not have this problem, however there are some
security issues with this version only fixed in 5.x.

xpdf/gpdf/gv are no real alternatives, as they still have problems
displaying certain documents and miss some convenience features
(thumbnails etc.).

I'd be very thankful for any hint how to solve this problem.

Mirko Streckenbach

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