speaking about 'whichcd'

Alexander Volovics awol at home.nl
Wed Nov 12 10:27:28 UTC 2003

A day or two ago there was some discussion about adapting 'whichcd'
to fedora. The updated version seems to be available now.

But unless I am very much mistaken FC1 already contains a comparable
(the same?) tool: /usr/share/comps-extras/whichcd.py.

$ /usr/share/comps-extras/whichcd.py beecrypt
beecrypt-3.0.1-0.20030630.1.i386.rpm is on disc 1

$ /usr/share/comps-extras/whichcd.py freetype-devel
freetype-devel-2.1.4-5.i386.rpm is on disc 2


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