SD mounting problems

Mike Burger mburger at
Wed Nov 12 11:31:45 UTC 2003

I had a similar problem with my card reader under RHL9.

What I did was recompile my kernel, making sure to enable 
"CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN=y" in the .config file.

However, in response to a bugzilla report I put in on the subject, I got 
this response:

  - When using RAID storage configured with Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs)
     greater than zero, it is necessary to enable LUN support by adding
     the following entry to the /etc/modules.conf file:

     options scsi_mod max_scsi_luns=255

     After modifying modules.conf, it is necessary to rebuild the initial
     ramdisk using `mkinitrd`.  Refer to The Official Red Hat Linux
     Customization Guide for more information about creating the ramdisk
     image with mkinitrd.

You might try either option.

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Doug Lane wrote:

> My usb multicard reader works for the compact flash card but not for the
> secure digital card.  Does the /dev/sda1 location the same for the sd
> cards as well as the compact flash?  My suse machine at work picks up on
> it right away once it is plugged in.  Can anyone help?
> doug lane
> keyport, nj
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