Unofficial FAQ

Paul Pianta pantz at
Wed Nov 12 15:03:54 UTC 2003

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander wrote:

> Post that question in the FAQ forum and I'll see if it can make its way
>to the Static FAQ. It's the same answer as the RhythmBox question.
d00d you skuc

actually no you dont - your faq is the best thing that has ever happened 
to desktop linux users.
one simple read through it and you can have a machine with (almost) 
everything you need.

maybe mention mplayer too?

and im not on my fedora box at the moment but ... if the dictionaries 
(eg. thesaurus, etc.) for OO are not installed by default, maybe you 
could give a FAQ question for how to get them installed too.
some cool OO links to check:

bloody good job mate - keep it up!

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