Ogg mime icon is default gnome foot

Garrett LeSage garrett at redhat.com
Wed Nov 12 15:09:05 UTC 2003

Robert Brimhall wrote:

>Update... still the Gnome foot but not executable... the folder on one
>album accidently got chmoded resulting in the "paper"... this baffles
>me... b/c the icons for all other media seem to work...

I remember a bug in bugzilla being filed about this...  It has yet to be 
determined the reason behind it, although it could very likely be a 
theme bug.  If so, let me know what I should change it to, and I'll 
update the artwork package with the new information.

(If I get a little bit of time sometime soon, I may look into this... 
otherwise, having someone else update that bug with the info would 
probably expedite things a little.)


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